What lengths does the hair come in?
Voluminous hair comes in inches ranging from 14 to 30.

How much of the Voluminous hair will I need to cover a full head?
Any thing above 18inches will require 3 to 4 bundles

How many OZ comes in a bundle?
3.5 oz per bundle

How long does Voluminous hair last?
It depends on how you take care of your extensions. Life expectancy is 12 month with proper care and maintenance.

What is your return or exchange policy?
We DO NOT provide refunds only exchanges. All sales are final. If you need to exchange your Voluminous hair, it must be done within 10 days of the purchase and you must have the original receipt. Hair must still be in original package. We will not exchange merchandise that has been used or altered (combed, brushed, picked, cut, or processed). Any exchange request after 10 business days will be denied.

Can Voluminous hair be processed?
Yes Voluminous hair can be processed we recommend that you seek a professional stylist. Chemicals can alter the texture of your extensions.

What color and texture does Voluminous Hair Carry??
Our extensions come in natural off black to medium light brown (1b-4), with textures of Curly, Wavy and Straight. Please keep in mind that each bundle comes from a single donor with special characteristics. We will do our best with pairing the bundles with identical texture and color. However it is not guaranteed.

How to Care for Your Voluminous Hair:

Keep clean. Wash once a week. Wash in one direction from scalp to ends. Use a downward motion. Avoid circular motions. You should condition hair for at least five minutes. Be sure not to rub or twist the hair for drying purposes. This causes the hair to tangle. Air dry. Too much heat will cause dryness and breakage. Simply towel blot the hair gently and comb, using a wide tooth comb, from ends to scalp.

Wrap the hair, roll, or braid before sleeping. You should also braid, largely, the hair while exercising or swimming.

Make sure to let your hair breathe in between styles. Always treat your hair and scalp to a deep conditioning and hot oil treatments between sew-ins.

Vitamins and a healthy diet are vital for a healthy head of hair under your Voluminous hair.

Daily Maintenance:

Brush or comb your Voluminous hair daily starting from the ends and working your way up to the scalp.
Care for your new Voluminous hair by using heat protectant products to prevent breakage.
Use light oil/spray products to your Voluminous hair to maintain shine. Be sure not to use products that may weigh your hair down.
For curly hair, apply leave in conditioner.   Doing this allows the hair not to frizz.

Other Voluminous Hair Tips

  • Always read product labels.
  • Please stay away from shampoos that contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate. This strips the hair from natural oils. Ever wonder why your eyes burn while shampooing? More than likely, it is because the product contains SLS.
  • Never use greasy or oily products.
  • Sleep with silk/satin cap or pillow case. This will keep Voluminous hair from drying out and breaking while you are resting.
  • Keep in mind that coloring your extensions can change the texture. Please seek a professional for color services.

Brazilian Curly/Wavy

  • Always use moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Curly hair needs a lot of moisture.

I have found that moisturizing conditioner works better than leave-in conditioner. However, if you do use a leave-in conditioner, use only a small amount.

  • Scrunching the Voluminous hair using a cream based curl pudding or non-alcoholic mousse will revitalize the curl pattern.
  • Do not comb dry curls or dry waves. This will leave the hair frizzy and big.