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To those cancer patients who may have lost their hair, Voluminous Hair is committed to donating 10% of their proceeds to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Our goal is to provide customers with premium Voluminous Hair extensions that will empower the everyday woman.

Voluminous Hair will help boost women’ s confidence, pride, and self-esteem as she steps out into the workforce. We understand how important it is to feel and look beautiful! This is one reason why we also believe in paying it forward.

We thrive when we change lives, so help us make the next woman feel and look beautiful!!


My Voluminous Hair is a proud partner of the National Breast Cancer Foundation.



Meet Crystal

Being diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of thirty-three was something I never imagined. Although I know cancer doesn’t discriminate against anyone and with my family having a strong history of breast cancer I should have pushed the doctors to test me earlier.   In May 2014 after taking the BRCA genetic mutation test and never having a mammogram because of my age I was told that I carried BRCA I gene like other women in my family. That was the first time a doctor requested that I go get a mammogram and get it immediately.

After hearing all the horror story of how bad the mammogram procedure was I was a little on edge, but who knew that the procedure would not be the issue that day but the outcome would forever change my life. Walking into the biopsy surgeon office, I prayed and threw my super woman cape on and was ready to deal with anything that was coming my way. With the kindest voice the doctor came in and told me that I had Triple Negative Breast Cancer. At that moment my cape was still on I saw images of all the strong women in my family that have fought this battle and won some of them twice, so I didn’t cry and my husband looked at me and said we will fight this.

Although I am a strong believer and knew that I could beat this, my next thought was my life is about to change physically. My hair would fall out and I hated weaves and wigs because they were always so hot, but after seeing the change and talking with Kenya I decided to give Voluminous Hair a try and boy am I glad I did. Kenya made me a wig that is light, sexy and it doesn’t itch. It fits my head just right and sometimes I forget that it is on. This has been quite an experience for me but Voluminous Hair gave me that confidence I needed. I am now Cancer free, feeling and looking Fabulous. Thanks Voluminous Hair!!!