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    Frequently Asked
    What is non- surgical hair replacement?

    The hair replacement procedure is non -surgical, non -invasive, using
    natural human hair that is identical to your hair texture and color. This
    will give the appearance of a full head of hair growing directly from the
    scalp. During the consultation a template of your head is created with a
    mold, this will assure the hair replacement will be custom tailored to fit
    the shape of your head.

    How Do I Qualify For Insurance?

    In order to qualify for insurance you must have a medical necessity that
    requires a prescription from your physician. We will assist you in the
    step by step process during your consultation.

    What Type of Insurance Do You Accept?

    We accept Tri Care, VA, United Healthcare and HSA

    How to Care for your Voluminous Hair

    Keep Clean. Shampoo or Co Wash when needed. Omit wash once a week.